About Sam

About Sam and Lambrettafinder. The history !

Sam is quite young when he gained interest in scooters. At the age of 17, he buys his first Vespa in 1993. He immediately gets himself another one to fiddle about with. At that time his workshop consists of a 10m² shed in his mother’s back garden.

In 1994 Sam buys his first Lambretta and restores it in 1995. In the meantime he keeps himself occupied doing some maintenance for other scooter riders.

The following years he starts collecting scooters, financing them by restoring scooters for other people, buying and selling, and servicing.

In 2000 Sam moves to a bigger garage of 100m². By that time he has already built up a large collection of rare 60’s Lambretta’s, some Vespa’s and a lot of original accessories.

In September 2002 his gorgeous Vespa GS MK1 gets featured in Scootering magazine.

Sam continues to provide a service in doing mechanics and restorations for others.

In 2004 he decides to quit his job and start making a living from scooters. LambrettaFinder is born!!

He starts visiting Italy frequently to buy Lambretta’s and Vespa’s and the business starts to grow quickly. Soon the garage as well as the van and trailer are getting too small.

At the end of 2006 Sam has the opportunity to buy a warehouse, only 2 km from his house, on the main road of Rumst.

In spring 2007 he starts organizing the new 500m² warehouse. There is enough space to restore and do mechanics, storage for new parts as well as second hand parts and a large office. There is a lot of space to stall the stock of 50-70 Italian scooters for sale. Sam still drives to Italy every 6 weeks to pick up Vespa’s and Lambretta’s.

In September 2011 he opened a new 230m² showroom, at Molenbergstraat 94 Rumst, about 100m from the warehouse. Sam still takes care of mechanics and restorations in the warehouse and organizes the stock of new parts.

In 2014 Sam wants to buckle down to worldwide import and export and decides to run the office in the warehouse again, on his own. Mechanics and restorations are still done by Sam as often as possible.


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Mobile: ++32 (0)475 53 47 37
Showroom: ++32 (0)3 293 54 04


Steenberghoekstraat 27/3
2840, Rumst


Only by appointment